Bulletin: Tuesday, November 8, 2016

By his power we live and move and exist.  Acts 17:28

Vote for Beau Johnson for Blitz 16 player of the week!  Go to www.wapt.com to vote.

Please note the following email address:  tcrebels@cspirefiber.net is no longer valid.  The new office email address is tricountyacademy@outlook.com .  Also, bulletins will be posted on the website until further notice. Due to computer problems all email contacts were lost so no emails will be sent until our email contacts are restored.

Gray’s is here today for the following:
-Senior portrait orders and retakes
-Christmas pictures for K3-6th grade

Kaysie Childress with UMMC Nursing School will be here on Wednesday at 9:45 to check blood pressure for 7th-12th grades.

District Spelling Bee tomorrow at Hillcrest. The following students will be participating:
4th: Walker Hilderbrand; alternate-Jada Smith
5th: Houston Rae Grantham; alternate-Alisha Davis
6th: Reeves Hilderbrand; alternate-Kate Crawford Shepherd
7th:  Aidan Barker
8th:  Kylee Creel

Basketball at Washington on Thursday.

Football here on Friday night with Trinity at 7:00.

Concession stand workers are needed for Friday night.  Please contact Hope Hilton at 601-421-0438 or hiltonelectric@yahoo.com

The FCA is sponsoring a Food Drive for We Will Go Ministries in Jackson.  The following items are needed:
Dry rice
Dry beans
Dry Pasta
Pasta Sauce
Ramen Noodles/Maruchan Instant Lunch Cups
Peanut butter & Jelly
Meaty soups and pastas
Canned meat (Vienna sausage, tuna, chicken, spam, etc)
Canned fruit
Pork and Beans
**Pop-top cans are preferred if possible: they are easier for house-less folk to access

The class from each of the three areas (high school, elementary, and kindergarten) that collects the most food items will be awarded a prize after Thanksgiving break.  The food drive begins Monday, November 7 and will end on Monday, November 17th.  There are collection boxes in each classroom. If you have questions, contact Bro. Dwayne.