October 24, 2018

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.  Genesis 2:2

Matthew Woods 1:30
Katelin Potter 2:00

Canton Academy Jr. High and Varsity Girls Tournament:
Thursday, Oct 25:
6:30-TCA vs Leake
7:30-TCA vs Leake

Students in 7-12 grades sign up for the tennis team in Mrs. Nance’s room.

FCA will meet tomorrow morning at 7:15 in cafeteria.

Varsity football play-off game this Friday night here with Oak Hill at 7:00.  Booster Club parking will be honored but Booster Club admission passes will not due to the fact that this is a MAIS play-off game.  Everyone will have to pay admission to get in.  Admission is $8.00 for everyone.

Teachers:  We need a volunteer to take up money Friday night.  Please let the office know if you can help.

We will have a pep rally on Friday at 12:10. This week’s theme is pink out.  All students may wear a pink shirt and jeans on Friday.

The first grade class is collecting unopened kids’ meal toys for Blair E. Batson.  If you would like to donate your unopened kids’ meal toys, you may turn them in to the office or to Ms. Bennett in the first grade.

Box Tops deadline is Oct. 26. 3rd Grade is in the lead with 1st Grade right behind them. Keep turning those box tops in. Winning class will have a great surprise for them.

The AVTT Traveling Vietnam Wall is coming to Flora!!  October 25th -28th (102 Jackson St-Parking Lot)
The traveling wall will arrive on October 24 and will be met in Madison by an Honor Escort.  It will be open to the public and free of charge 24 hours a day beginning at 2 p.m. Thursday with and Opening Ceremony.  Visitors can view the wall from 2 p.m. Thursday until 2:00 p.m. Sunday.
*If you would like to sing The National Anthem on October 27 with a big choir, please Lynn Evans at 601-850-8459.

K3, K4 AND K5:  Dec. 14 at 8:30
1st – 3rd Grades:   Dec. 10 at 8:30
4th Grade:  Dec. 17 at 8:30
5th and 6th Grades: Dec. 11 at 8:30