February 22, 2019

Ask and you will receive. And your joy will be the fullest joy.  John 16:24

Mel Lewis 1:50
Greyson 1:50
Meri Grace 12:30

Schedule today will be 4-1-2-3.

Baseball games cancelled today due to weather.

Parents:  When dropping off children in the morning at the elementary end, please only let them out of the car in the lane closest to the building.  We have had children walking across moving traffic and this is not safe!!

No tennis today.

Box Tops Winners: 2nd Grade with 1,000 Box Tops!
1st grade came in 2nd place with 750 box tops.

Annual Meeting of the Members will be Tuesday, April 9.

Who’s Who floor tickets are still available for $10.00 each.  See Ms. Marilyn or Ms. Bianca in the AR room to purchase.

Teachers:  Please remember to stop by office and sign up for a time for baseball gate.

Reminder:  anyone wanting to practice for Beauty & Beau, Melissa Presley will be in the gym at 2:45 for JR high and 3:30 for High School on Tues Feb 26 

For anyone wanting additional help or that cannot be there at these times you can follow the attached link for other dates/time