Tuition Payment Policy

The following guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Directors:
1. Tuition may be paid in one of the following methods
a. Annual Payment due June 1s
b. Semi Annual Payment due June 1st and December 1st
c. Ten (10) Equal monthly payments beginning July 1st to April 1st
d. Twenty (20) Semi Monthly (Draft Only 5th/20th) beginning July 5th to April 20th
e. Eleven (11) Equal monthly payments beginning June 1st to April 1st
f. Twenty Two (22) Semi Monthly payments beginning June 5th to April 20th
2. Tuition may be paid by Check/Cash/Money Order, or Bank Draft
3. LATE FEES: Tuition received 6 or more calendar days after it is due is considered delinquent and will be assessed a late fee of $35.00. A $35.00 late charge will be assessed for each delinquent payment.
4. Any payment of tuition and/or fees that is returned by the bank for insufficient funds or other reasons will result in an additional charge of $40.00.
5. All tuition and/or fees due under the terms of this contract must be paid in full as they come due. Prior to the beginning of any semester all payments and/or fees must be paid current before a student can begin any classes.
6. Tuition and/or fees payments delinquent 20 days or more will cause any student subject to this contract to immediate suspension until all tuition and/or fees are paid.
7. The parent/parents of a student dismissed from school for non-payment of tuition and/or fees will be required, before readmission, to pay the entire balance of the tuition and fees due for that school year plus a re-entry fee of $50.00 per student.
8. Final grades and transcripts will be withheld while the tuition and/or fees are delinquent. Students will not be allowed to take semester of final exams or go through any graduation exercises while the tuition and/or fees are delinquent.
9. If tuition and/or fees are delinquent, the student may not register until the account is current.
10. The bookkeeper is in charge of tuition collections. No arrangements are to be made through Administration. Only the Finance Committee can hear tuition situations.