Part I: Prior to transfer and enrollment, Tri-County Academy must be provided the following for review:

A. Last report card or current grades if enrollment is during a new grading period.
B. Complete transcript that shows final grades/credits of previous academic year.
C. Birth Certificate (certified copy).
D. Social Security Number.
E. Current immunization record.
F. Notification of learning disability or special needs.
G. Withdrawal form from previous school.
H. If you are a junior high or high school student:

     1. Student must be able to transfer in and take the subjects that TCA offers and be able to earn enough credits to promote to the next grade level.
     2. No new student will be allowed to enroll after the last day of the 3rd nine weeks grading period except in the case of extenuating circumstances. (Exception may be made by the Administration).

I. Behavior report completed and signed by the Headmaster/Principal or Counselor of the previous school attended.

Part II: No student may transfer if he or she has been expelled from another school. An appeal may be made to the Board of Directors to determine on a case by case basis if extraordinary circumstances are present.

Part III: The Headmaster, with the advice of the school’s counselor, shall have the authority to allow for the transfer and enrollment or not allow for the transfer and enrollment pursuant to this policy, subject to Part II.

Part IV: For those students in grades 7-12 wishing to transfer or enroll as a new student, a drug screen report must be submitted to the Administration of Tri-County Academy prior to enrollment. The drug screening facility must be one known and approved by the Administration of TCA. The screening must be or have been administered no earlier than the month immediately preceding the request to transfer. Any results noted as positive shall be reason for a denial of admission, enrollment and or request to transfer.